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Address: Hybernská 3, 110 00 Prague 1, the Czech Republic

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Director of the Center: Prof. PhDr. Josef Opatrny, CSc.

Scientific secretary of the Center: PhDr. Simona Binkova, CSc.

Academic Staff:
Prof. PhDr. Josef Opatrny, CSc.; josef.opatrny @,
PhDr. Simona Binková, CSc.; simona.binkova @,
Mgr. Marketa Krizova, PhD. ; marketa.krizova @

External Staff:

  • Doc. PhDr. Vladimir Nalevka, CSc.
  • Doc. RNDr. Bohumil Jansky, CSc.
  • PhDr. Anna Mistinova
  • Doc. Anna Houskova

The Center of the Ibero-American Studies was founded in 1967 as the interbranches department for the investigation and the education in the branch of the Ibero- American questions. It is affording the specialized courses for the pre- and post graduated students from the different departments, especially, the History, the Etnology and the Hispanic Studies. The courses are covering the history, the culture and the geography of Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

The Center publishes a year- book "Ibero- American Pragensia (vols.I, 1967 - XXXV, 2001), written mostly in Spanish. There are not just the czech authors, but also the authors all around the world they publish in this book. The Center publishes also the monographs in the edition "Ibero- Americana Pragensia Suplementa" (ten volumes till 2002). The people working in the Center are participating in the projects of the grant foundation of the Czech Reublic, the Charles University and the Ministery of the Education. They are also participating in the programme The Investigastion Purposes, with two projects.

The activity of the Center in 2003

Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Center for Ibero-American Studies