PhDr. Simona Binková, CSc (1957)

Studies: Spanish - Czech, Portuguese, Faculty of Arts, Prague. PGS - ethnology-iberoamerican studies, Faculty of Phil. Prague PhD - 1983, CSc - 1991.

Investigation: Latin American History - Colonial Period, History of Spain, Portugal and Brazil, Spanish language, Czech-Latin American Relation in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Courses: Course of Latin American History in colonial period; Spanish for students of history.

Publications: Articles about Latin American History and Czech-Latin American Relations in the 17th and 18th centuries (20), editor of Joseph Neumann, Historia de las sublevaciones indias en la Tarahumara, Ibero-Americana Pragensia, Supplementum 6, Universidad Carolina 1994, 189, reviews (35)

Positions: Scientific secretary of the Center for Latin American Studies, Editor of Ibero-Americana Pragensia.

Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Center for Ibero-American Studies