The activity of the Center in 2003

The personal structure

The personal structure of the Center wasn´t changed in 2003. The lessons are assured by the internal workers - Dr. Simona Binková, Dr. Markéta Křížová (on the mother´s holiday) and Prof. Dr.Josef Opatrný and also by the external workers - Doc. Dr. Anna Housková, Doc. Dr. Bohumír Janský, Dr. Anna Mištinová and Prof. Dr. Vladimír Nálevka.

The pedagogical activities:

The Center ensures not just the lessons in the programme of the Master of the Ibero - American studies, but also the specialization-the History of Latin America for the students of the history programme of the Institute of the world history. The lessons of these programmes are attended by the students of the other programmes of the Philosophical faculty (Hispanic studies, English studies and American studies), as the optional lessons. There are 9 students working on their thesis in the CIAS, one student defended her thesis in 2003.

The Center has had 8 students of the Doctor´s Ibero -American studies by the September 30. Five students in the external programme, three students in the internal programme. In January one student - Mgr. Marcela Pánková defended her dissertation work (dedicated to the Czech - Argentinian relations). By the October 1, eight students started the present Doctor´s studies - Mgr. Ivana Dadová, Vendula Hingarová, Jakub Hornek, Lukáš Krejčí a Sylvie Voláková, five students more started the combination studies.

The Center offered again the summer course in Spanish, which is considered the optional foreign course, to the Tecnologhical Institute in Monterrey.The course ("Valores del mundo cambiante") was organized in two batches because of the big interest of the students. The first batch from the May 26 to the June 23, the second batch from the June 24 to the July 21. 45 students, in total, participated in these two batches.The Center is preparing the same course for the year 2004 (two batches for app. 60 students). Other Mexican universities are interested in this course.

The scientific activities:

The Center continues solving the large scientific programme, which was in 1999 included in the investigation purposes of the faculty, named "The emigration to the Latin America" and "The image of America in the Czech society" (look at the publication activity).Except that, the Center organized together with the group "Caribe hispano y su historia"Association of the European historicians and with the Latinamerican society the international symposium "Cambios y revoluciones en el Caribe hispano de los siglos XIX y XX in August 14 and 15. The symposium was enjoyed by the investigators from the Czech Republic, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary Spain and the United States. The lectures will be published by the title " Cambios y revoluciones en el Caribe hispano de los siglos XIX y XX" as the Supplementum Ibero-American Pragensia XI. The XX volume Ibero-Americana Pragensia was published in 2003 and it consists of the lectures of the international symposium Emigración centroeuropea a América Latina II. This symposium was held in 2002 as the part of the investigation purposes (look at the publication avtivity). The preparations for the international symposium Emigración centroeuropea a América Latina III, which will be held on July 29 and 30 2004, were started. Except that, Josef Opatrný is still the coordinator of the international group "Caribe hispano y su historia"Association of the European historicians.

The participation in the foreign activities:

Dr. Simona Binková obtained the grant of the german government for the studies in the library in Wolfenbuttel, where she worked from July 1 to September 30 mainly at the transcription of the czech manuscripts (around 1600) relationed with the spanish- french conflict in Florida from the 60th of the 16 century. The edition is beeing prepared.

The other activities:

The first video- conference between the Charles University and the mexican universities (Colegio Nacional and UNAM) was held as the convenience of the talk with the Dr. Miguel León- Portilla, the specialist in the culture, philosophy and literature of the prehispanic etnics in Mexico. This talk was made connected with the introduction of his two works in the czech market.

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The awards:

The spanish king Juan Carlos awarded prof. Dr. Josef Opatrný the Order of Isabela de Castilla.

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