The Center assures the gathering and the documentation of the materials of the problems of Latin America and contributes to the solution of the research programs in the branch. Its workers were solving in the 90th three grant targets of the grant agency in the Czech Republic, two University grants and one resort grant. They are participating in the program The Research Purposes with two projects since 1999: The Czech emigration to Latin America and the image of Latin America in the Czech society. Except that, the workers of the Center are continuing at the work at other issues( Simona Binková dedicates to the problems of the missions of the Czech provincies and the Brazilian issues, Markéta Křížová dedicates to the influence of the Moravian Brothers in America and to the image of the slavery in the European and American society of the 18 and 19 century and Josef Opatrný pursues the history of Cuba. He is also the coordinator of the international society "Cuba y su historia" from 1993 (this group works with the name "Caribe hispano y su historia" from 2002) by the Asociation of the European historicians - latinamericanicians.


The symposium Emigración centroeuropea a América Latina II

The international symposium "Centroeuropean emigration to Latin America II" was held by the Center of the Ibero-American studies with the cooperation of the Latinamerican society in August 30 and 31, 2002. 20 investigators from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, the United States and The Czech Republic participated in it.¨

The participators were dedicating to the global problems of the emigration and also to the concrete examples of the emigration, especially in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. The symposium proved that there is a numerous group of the investigators dedicating themselves to the migration issues, in Europe and also in America. During the discussions, the problems of the propaganda of the emigration ant the questions of the images of the destination countries of the emigrants were dealed repeatily.The participators, mainly satisfied with the results of the symposium, suggested to organize in two years another meeting in Prague about the pro-emigration propaganda.

The preparation of the edition of the Prague´s portuguese-spanish atlas of Joaa Teixeira from the years 1631-33 has proceeded. The Center of the Ibero-American studies worked, especially Simona Binková, at the edition of the extremely valuable maritime atlas, originally stored in the Nostic library and now the edition is prepared and the material is given for the printing.


The symposium Cuba as the subject and the object of the international politics, 2001.

In September 8 and 9, 2001, the Center of Iberoamerican studies, the Latinamerican society and the group "Cuba y su historia" organized together the interantional symposium with the name" Cuba as the subject and thre object of the interantional politics" with the participation of 32 participators of nine countries of Europe and America (Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Great Britain and the Czech Republic).

In 2001, the volume XXXIV, 2000 Iberi-Americana Pragensia was published.


The symposium Emigración centroeuropea a América Latina 2000

The international symposium was held in the cooperation with the organizers of the 50th international americanistic congress held in Warsovia in July 10 - 15.The Center of the Iberoamerican studies of the Charles University prepared the symposium "Centroeuropean emigration to Latin America" in July 7 - 8, which was participated by the 35 investigators from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic.

In the first part, the lectures about the principal problems of the Polish, Austrian and Czech migration (A. Bonaszewicz, M.Kaller - Dietrich and J. Opatrný) and about the global problems of the imigration in Argentina (F. Devoto) were presented. In the next part, the lectures were dedicated to the questions of the Centroeuropean emigration to Barazil, Mexico, Central America, Peru, Argentina, Paraguay. Uruguay and Chile. All the lectures become to be the subjects of the discussions leading to the problems of the creation of the national societies of big imigration comunities of the American continent (Argentina, Brazil) and the problems of the influence of the different emigration groups on the final appearance of the " national characters".

All the lectures will be publicated as the Suplementum of the VIII annual Ibero-Americana Pragensia(including the texts of all the solvers -M.Křížová, S. Binková. J.Opatrný).

Charles University, Faculty of Arts, Center for Ibero-American Studies